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I'm taking my mother to physical therapy every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Next week I'm driving her to work. Yeah... an hour long drive everyday. I'll be staying at the office in that time. They are giving me a cubical. I'll probably take my laptop or something... I dunno if I'll have internet there or not but I probably wouldn't be doing that much anyway.

My body meanwhile is a dirty traitor like always. I'm not in the best of health at the moment but I don't have much of a choice. I've been taking pain killers almost non stop for the past week. One real bad day mom gave me a tylenol 3... Think that was monday.
I've been falling asleep on the floor again.

But I blame that I watching .avi files on my computer and the floor being more comfortable than my chair.

Anyway... have to go do everything today. take care of the dogs, dinner, shopping... etc...

I need more caffeine.

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ow fuck.

I'm working on getting back to normal... I've gotten some improvement but I still get bad days...

The past couple have been... interesting. Today.... was bad.

I didn't have interest in most things that I enjoy... Bad voices saying things in my head.

But mostly I've been a hellva lot of pain.

The other night I created a new journal that I'll be putting all my fandom crap in. Fics and art etc... right I just have the fics up... I'll get the art up later. You can find it at sneakysilver

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A couple weeks without therapy was not good for me. I started get a loopy there.

There is something extremely liberating yet extremely sad to have a chemical imbalance in my brain. Unfortunately it led to a terrifying dream last night.

My dream was my meds stopped working/forgot to take them and I went into withdrawal. Bad withdrawal, you know, the shakes, puking, headache from hell, all that fun stuff. As bad it was when it first happened to me when I was 13. Nice birthday that, curled up in a bundle in the basement, moaning in pain every time someone turned on a light. That was the first time I remember laying there asking the powers that be to kill me. Yeah, it was that bad. So I had a fun dream of THAT last night.

I woke up in a little pool of sweat. It seems I had a fever and it broke. That explains some of the dream and feeling like I was choking through most of it.

My god, my body is fun.

Anyway... I'm feeling a bit better today. But it's been like that, a bad day, then a good day.

One good thing is I got my music working on my computer again. After a few nights of digging and going "Where the hell did I put Megadeth?" "Where the fuck is the rest of my Johnny Cash?!"

I don't remember it I mentioned it here, but Frank got rebuilt. New motherboard, ram, everything. And finally, the built in wireless in the motherboard has decided to work. During the massive wind storm we had a while back I was lucky if it would stay connected for more than a minute at a time. Which is why I just shut off all my IMs for a few days.
Rant about straight smutCollapse )

Anyway, I'm just... randomly writing stuff here to clear my head. And who knows it might be interesting to some of you.

Also, sorry if I haven't been as quick as I normally am to reply to people. and I keep forgetting to reply to things in my own journal... lulz... but I do appreciate comments all the same. Maybe I'll remember to reply this time around...

I kinda had to stop myself before I got too carried away with this entry. Writing about things as they come to mind help me not be crazy. HORRAY, you're a part of my therapy! 8D

[edit] hope to get to posting some of my other art up in this journal soon.

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I got blood on my new Punisher shirt. This pleases in my fangirl parts.

I also got blood all over my hands too but that can't be helped. It was a fun random nosebleed of doom. I think it stopped. I say with blood sticky fingers. Thinking about it, I wonder if I see more blood than the average person. Granted it's often my OWN blood. That or one of the animals.... usually get more puss with them though.

So here is what happened. Yesterday, I wake up at midnight. I couldn't get back to sleep. This led me to be awake until... about 7:30pm then... sigh. I woke up at midnight again. What fun. I hope I don't have another repeat...
On the up side, being awake enabled me to stop my mom from causing herself anymore pain by overworking(yes, she has a broken arm and she was trying to TYPE up an Article for a Law Journal. I had to kick her off the computer, just short of physically forcing her to sit down and take her pain meds. I ended up typing up the rest of the article for her while she dictated. Incidentally it led to some strange typos on my part for being UP for so long.). My god we're a bunch of stubborn bastards.

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing for New Years... I can still bug you guys up in Roscommon sometime right? :< (probably not til after new years though...)

and I'm a very bad daughter... Dad's birthday was yesterday and I couldn't get to him. blah....

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some of you may have noticed I died for most of yesterday...

I think I'm gonna do the same today.

The weather has had it's why with my body. And that SOUNDS more fun that it is. I crashed on the floor the night before last and last night.. well... my blood pressure was off. When I got up from the couch to drag myself up to bed... I collapsed on the floor in the kitchen. Spooked the dogs a little. But I got up and flumped in bed.

This is all... urm... 'normal' sick behavior from me. Though I'm trying to kick the sleeping on the floor habit.

I started doing it again when my mom broke her arm. I needed to sleep but I didn't want to sleep too deeply in case she needed me... which ended up being the case.

This selective insomnia isn't helping. I have enough other stuff wrong that just taking benedrlyl does wonders. Though last night it didn't help much. I laid on the couch until 4am watching a House mathron and waiting to fall asleep. It never happened so I finally dragged myself off to bed. I was, however, more comfortable than I have been.

I don't know exactly what it is(well I do) but my right leg was being painful as all hell and my left side felt like I'd fallen about five feet onto it. It is all muscle related. I THINK I know what caused it.


Just here to say, despite the fact I am dying for days at a time, I am, in fact, not dead.

Oh yeah, and the weather took out our phones. And the wireless connection. Wireless is still spotty. The high winds of the last couple days have been murder.

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Mom broken.

Slipped on ice.

Arm broke.

I take in for surgery tomorrow... won't be back till like 5 or 6.

Went got mom at noon finally home at 3. Finally got the pain meds now. Didn't have all day. High pain tolerance. Doctors didn't give pain killers only script. Hate occupational healthcare.

English fail.

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... so much for that.

Nice to know people don't talk me about important shit.

find your way to my insanejournal if you will... I speak there for now. Do some searching and you could find it... only those who can find it without asking should be the ones reading it anyway. yes. use your creepy stalker skills.
It is rare that I do this. But... I only want those who can make the effort of four or five extra clicks.

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Hey... Mood finally broke today. It...was kinda random but

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[22:49] Kinoshita: WHY ARE YOU READING THAT?
[22:51] Silver: ..............um
[22:51] Kinoshita: ......................... oh GOD... what??!
[22:51] Silver: because... it's horrible and funnny
[22:51] Kinoshita: oh... okay... I thought you were doing some kind of twisted research for someone.
[22:52] Silver: and I want to play Novel!Liquid and I have to.....snrk... make sure it's..... canon?
[22:52] Kinoshita: ....................
[22:52] Kinoshita: I KNEW IT
[22:52] Kinoshita: I FUCKING KNEW IT
[22:52] Kinoshita: AARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!
[22:54] Silver: ...sorry?
[22:54] Kinoshita: I love you.
[22:55] Kinoshita: but I must kill you.... brother! Come on DOWN!
[22:58] Kinoshita: oh dear...
[22:58] Kinoshita: are you reading now?
[23:01] Kinoshita: I guess so!
[23:13] Silver: his screen name is cmon_down
[23:13] Kinoshita: if I knew better....
[23:13] Kinoshita: Rather... if I didn't know better, that would confuse me.
[23:13] Kinoshita: however...
[23:13] Kinoshita: since I know it's you.

Silver - Sylvia - Silverkitty000 [userpic]

Does it feel like the world around you has blinders on?

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