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When things get me down, which has been a lot lately. I try to remember one very important thing: "The voices in my head tell me I'm special."

Again, I haven't been around most my usual online places because I'm still a bit batshit. I also get this guilt about not being around friends or people that might need me. Complexes are fun that way.

I'm battling with myself wither I'm going to the Island or not. I need the money but... honestly I don't really want to go. I like it here and I like it there. But I don't like the isolation. The only way I can remedy that is with something I can do every week to get me off that bloody island.

But the jury is still out. I may end up staying down here longer and going up later in the season.

I don't like being able to FEEL the line between insanity and sanity. But don't worry. At the moment I'm okay in that regard... at least the kind of good crazy...

Slowly trying to write and draw more. Again. Working on fighting those underlying "i'm a failure, baw" feelings.

Might as well find the things that make me happy and hold on for dear life.

It would be wonderful if someone could swoop in and fix it. but there is that and then there is reality.

And this amuses me:
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my foot hurts.

I have to use a ball for psychical therapy. But I get distracted and start bouncing it instead. therapy. therapy. BOUNCY BALL!


I'm... starting to feel normal again.

I'm gonna go to town now, if my car will start.
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Found out what was wrong with my foot/leg. The tendons in my foot have shorted. I have plantar fasciitis... though mine kinda presented oddly. I have no pain in my heel, it's all just under the ball of my foot and arch.

Either way.